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Everyone deserves access to medical treatment.
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Half the world's population is unable to afford basic health care. Almost 100 million people a year are forced to choose between food and healthcare.

Half the world's population is unable to afford primary healthcare. Please help us give the gift of health to people in Yemen, Palestine, Pakistan, Africa, and all over the globe!

Our global and local partners are working hard to provide free, accessible healthcare to those in need.

At Humaniti, we believe that healthcare is a basic human right. We envision a world where no one goes untreated; where everyone can access healthcare, medical assistance, and medication when needed. 

Yet 800 million people worldwide spend at least 10% of their income on healthcare. 100 million of those people are left with less than $1.90 for living expenses as a result. And most of this inequality occurs in countries that face conflict, hunger, and poverty. 

Yemen faces famine and political upheaval, and in the midst of it all, 19.7 million people lack access to basic health services. In Gaza, years of conflict have led to inadequate infrastructure and closures of health facilities, which results in thousands being unable to access healthcare. In Pakistan, 35% of children live in poverty, resulting in unequal access to healthcare and therefore more deaths from curable disease…

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All over the world, people are in dire need of assistance.

And with COVID-19 still rampant across the globe, the numbers are only getting worse. Over the past two years, this global pandemic has not only overwhelmed healthcare systems, it has also increased the number of people who are unable to access or afford healthcare. 

All over the world, many people affected with COVID-19 - most below the poverty line - simply do not have the financial means to get treatment, resulting in having to face the sickness themselves, or worse, succumb to it. Others face challenges in accessing treatment due to lack of space in hospitals. Not only patients suffer, as the pandemic has put a strain on care workers both physically and mentally. 

Now more than ever, there is a need for affordable and accessible healthcare across the globe.

Our partners provide healthcare services to countries that need it most, such as Pakistan, Lebanon, Indonesia, Palestine, Syria, and Yemen. Through non-profit hospitals, volunteers, and more, our partners enable those in need to access healthcare, free of cost.

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