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Beyond Backpacks

Beyond Backpacks

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Regular donation amount Donation amount $25.00 USD
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We can help restore hope to single moms and indigenous families as they prepare their children for the new school year. Your donations will provide essential school supplies and care packages to families in need in Canada.
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Help Single Moms and Indigenous families in Canada as they plan for getting their children Back to School.

We are asking you to donate today because every child deserves an equal start in life. Your donation will go directly towards supporting single-parent families and indigenous families who have fallen on hard times, or those who might not be able to afford backpacks, pens, pencils and other essentials needed. Our campaign goes beyond School supplies as we will also provide single-moms with care packages for themselves.

Our newest project is focused on Single Moms and Indigenous families as they plan for getting their children Back to School.

In this post-pandemic world, the cost of living continues to rise. The ability to afford housing, food, and basic necessities is still a struggle for many families, including single-parent families and the indigenous communities. Our goal is to help provide some relief to those in need.

More than one million people in Ontario live in poverty, and income inequality is growing. The statics surrounding single-mother families and indigenous people in the Greater Toronto Area are startling. 

⚠️ 19.7% of children in Toronto live in low-income households

⚠️ 29.5% of Indigenous children under 18 in the GTA  live in poverty

⚠️ 26.3% of GTA homes are lone-parent families

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What we are doing to help

As parents and children prepare for back-to-school shopping they may be faced with the inability to afford the necessary school supplies, and Humaniti is here to help.

As the name suggests, we’re giving more than backpacks and school supplies. Humaniti wants to giveback to moms too, so we’re packing care packages. Everyone deserves a little relief.

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