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Share A Meal

Share A Meal

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Everyone deserves access to a meal.
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This includes millions at risk of famine in the developing wold. More than 75 percent of the world's malnourished children live in countries affected by conflict.

We are working hard to provide fresh groceries, food baskets, and hot meals to the hungry.

Solving world hunger could end a myriad of problems - including poverty. We’ve helped thousands of individuals and families all around the world.Β But there is so much more to do.

We not only want to stop the famine and struggles in a handful of countries, but we envision a world where every struggling community has access to free groceries and hot meals for the most vulnerable.Β 

We cannot do this without you.

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  • Dought & Economic Crisis

    "I met many, many women, even female heads of households, widows, who were able to fend for themselves and it's all just imploded for them... The drought and the economic crisis... it's that whole collision of factors coming together."

  • Vulnerable Children

    "I can't feed my children anymore... We don't have cooking oil for tonight and I owe six months' rent... I don't have a man to help me and my children. They should let me work so I can buy bread."

  • Vulnerable Mothers

    β€œWe are trapped between hunger and exhaustion. Look at the children...When I’m pregnant I barely eat, just tea and bread … After I give birth it’s the same thing; we have no chicken or anything. All I pray for is to hug my child after giving birth"

With your donations, we can work towards a world free of hunger.Β We can help end food insecurity. We can make a difference.Β 

At Humaniti, we hear and see what’s happening and with your help, we take action.Our team, with the help of partners from other nonprofits and organizations, is committed toproviding help in the form of food, clean water, and urgent aid, to those in need all across the globe.We commit to helping end food insecurity once and for all, for all.Β 

Our partners,UNHCR, Islamic Relief, IDRF and ICNA are on the ground in Lebanon, Yemen, Pakistan, Palestine, Afghanistan, Bangladesh (Myanmar Refugees), Gaza,Somalia, providing much-needed aid and relief.

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