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Save Yemen

Save Yemen

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We can make a difference in the lives of thousands of Yemenis.
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Many civilians face desperate conditions and struggle to survive as they search for safety, shelter and emergency aid. They are in even more desperate need of your help. Without urgent support to sustain food programs, millions of Yemenis will be closer to starvation. 


Together, We Are Providing Food, Cash Assistance, Emergency Shelter And Non-Food Items To Help Protect The People Of Yemen

Yemen has been declared the world's largest and worst humanitarian crisis.

• The number of people requiring humanitarian assistance has increased from 20.7 million in 2021 to 23.4 million in 2022. Of these, 55 per cent are children.

• 17.4 million people need food assistance. This figure is expected to increase to 19 million between June 2022 and the end of the year.

• Since the beginning of the year, a total of 965,058 children under five (479,223 male, 485,835 female) have been screened for malnutrition.

The situation seems to be getting worse and not better as Yemen enters its 8th year of a brutal conflict - and now facing a devastating pandemic.

The people of Yemen are subject to the turbulent conditions in the region. Internal conflict and military actions have created a state of disorder and chaos. The Yemeni people suffer from a lack of basic items and necessary medical supplies.

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  • Food is scarce. Hunger is real.

    "Food rations have been reduced...We eat only what we can get from aid agencies. Wheat, beans, and such items. If we don’t receive food, then some days we eat and other days we go hungry”

  • Vulnerable Children

    “We adults, we have to be patient and go hungry to feed the children. If only you could see how sick I am because I only feed my children...At this time of year, our children are supposed to be at school, but this is very difficult.”

  • Vulnerable Mothers

    “We are trapped between hunger and exhaustion. Look at the children...When I’m pregnant I barely eat, just tea and bread … After I give birth it’s the same thing; we have no chicken or anything. All I pray for is to hug my child after giving birth"

Without urgent funding to sustain food and nutrition programmes for the next six months, 11 million people will end up closer to starvation.

Yemen is close to being wiped off the map if we don't step in. Aid agencies have already raised the alarm, warning that funding shortages are threatening to cut lifesaving assistance for millions of vulnerable people across Yemen.

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